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It's the Little Things

I love little things.

Nae Bae Bae.

The sparkly thing Nick pulled out of his pocket 11 years ago.

The smiley face that appears when I pour balsamic on top of olive oil.

The single morning glory that showed up randomly in the grass (how did you get there?).

I like to notice and collect these little "happies" in my heart.

What I don't like are the other little things; the ones that aren't so cute and that don't bring joy. They're not a huge deal when they pop up from time to time but when they appear and multiply like rabbits all at once -- they drive me crazy.

No one likes to hear about these unpleasant "little things". When we talk about them, we're told: "it's fine", "it could be worse", "at least it's not as bad as [fill in the blank]", or my person favorite (NOT): "be grateful that..."

Real talk: there have been A LOT of little things since I left my job about month ago. Coincidence? Am I reading too much into it? Maybe. Or maybe not. It makes sense for the enemy to attack when we're most vulnerable, weak, and for me personally: EXHAUSTED.

The AC being out during an October heat wave while baby and mama are sick.

The tires needing to be replaced.

Health insurance (cost) hurting more than the insurance itself is helping, causing more anxiety and mental health issues (at least for me). 😂😩

People needing more from me than I have to give right now.

Man, little things can really add up and still be hard, even when I know truths in my head like:

  • this is temporary.

  • God provides.

  • God is with me.

  • I have access to help.

  • things will get better.

Lord, have mercy.

You know it all, You can hold it all, and You want to hold it all.

I love being little in Your big hands.

<3 a-mae

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